Now that's Babalicious!

Now that's Babalicious!

Babalicious aims to create delicious ready-made meals for Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky community. We cook from scratch using local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients for all of our meals. We want our ready-made meals to be delicious and accessible, so whether you want a night off from cooking, a few dishes to meal plan or for that upcoming ski touring trip, we have the meal solutions for you!

Who are we?
Etienne and Leslie Garneau met working at the RimRock Cafe in the early 2000s. Rimrock Cafe is a fine-dining favourite within Whistler that has been voted best restaurant in Whistler for 15 + years. Both have become established and experienced chefs that are creating memorable meals. This extensive knowledge makes the perfect recipe to use their talents towards this business. Babalicious Whistler launched last fall 2019. Initially, people would show up at our door, wondering if something tasty could be whipped up, so transitioning into a business seemed a natural fit.
To learn more about us, feel free to visit our website.
Why the name, Babalicious?
Since childhood, Leslie was referred to as ‘baba.’ One of the days at Rimrock Cafe, Leslie was cooking the staff meal for her co-workers. Their friend Murph was eating these meals and commented, “Oh, that curry is Babalicious!” We couldn’t imagine calling the business anything else! Check out this article from the Pique on how Babalicious got started.
Ready Made Meals for Whistler & Sea-to-Sky
The ready made meals are cooked from scratch, vacuum packed, and then frozen. As the meals are vacuum packed the very little air helps to lengthen your orders' shelf life in the fridge or freezer. This allows the customer to enjoy their meal at any time. Once ready to cook, place in water, simmer for 20 minutes and then serve with a favourite side dish.
Are you looking to order a meal? Visit the website, select order now, and the site will direct you to the menu page where you can see our selection of ready-made meals. We’ve got everything from soup, pulled pork, red Thai chicken curry, fennel sausage, meatballs and more to suit the whole gang. We offer home delivery for Whistler and sea-to-sky!
During these uncertain Covid times, it limits dine-out options but this offers an alternative to enjoy your food from the comforts of your own home. We want everybody to stay safe and well.
Sourcing and Supporting Local
Babalicious strives to source local ingredients to incorporate into our flavours. We want to know exactly what we’re using to create your meals and believe that building long term relationships with our suppliers is vital. It also cuts down on fuel emissions for transport, which is much more environmentally friendly.
During these challenging times, supporting the local business’ is essential to keep these trusting relationships and provide a quality product.
A couple of partners to name is Two Rivers Specialty Meats , where we source all of our meat from. Two Rivers is based in North Vancouver and offers a sustainable approach to meat processes and serving high-quality cuts.
We also source from Rootdown Organic Farm, located in the Pemberton Valley. They grow several different vegetables and value sustainable growing practices. They want their farming to support the local community.
Needing a Private Chef?

Etienne and Leslie also offer private chef and catering services, so if you do have a small gathering or event in mind, be sure to drop them a message. Covid-19 regulations will be respected.

We can bring the restaurant to you and take on the stress of the cooking. We want your guests to enjoy the dinner and your conversations without worrying about the rest!
Message Us!
We want to deliver the best possible service to our local community and our visitors. Visit our website to put in your order for our delicious meals and select your home delivery option.
If you have any questions, inquiries or feedback, please drop us a line! Visit our site for our contact information. Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date with what we’re up to!
Thank you for your on-going support, and we look forward to providing you with tasty ready made meals! Babalicious is proud to be located in the Whistler mountains and were very excited to see the business continue to grow.




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