Local, Local, Local

Local, Local, Local
This last year has been trying and uncertain times for everybody, especially small businesses. It also has been wonderful to see how companies have adapted to the strange new normal and have added services that maybe they would not have otherwise.
Over these last few months, we have heard time again to support locals as it essential to keep our businesses heads above water, primarily due to the decrease in tourism within the sea-to-sky community.
The continued support has so humbled us during these times, and we’re so happy that we have been able to continue to provide high-quality, ready-made meals to your door. We are here to simplify the dinner routine for you and your family.
We understand some businesses have not been as lucky, but this is why it's so important to support locals. Supporting local means supporting your community and also has sustainable benefits within that community. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.
Keeping Local and Contributing to Sustainable Efforts
There are several benefits to shopping and sourcing local; primary reasons include sustainability and economically enriching services for your community. There are many excellent shops and businesses to explore along the sea-to-sky.
Here are a few of the benefits to sourcing local:
1) More Accessible
When you shop local, it means that products are much more accessible in a shorter radius of distance and less waiting times, meaning there will be more foot traffic within that business.
2) Building a Sense of Community
Shopping locally contributes to supporting our local economy; businesses can create partnerships and loyal followings.
3) Reducing Carbon Footprint
Shopping local leads to environmental benefits as you’re reducing the distance your food has traveled to get to you.
4) Don’t Tend to Overbuy and Waste
When we shop locally, we tend to shop more responsibly for what we need instead of overbuying and wasting specifically with our food.
5) Non-Profits receive more significant support from a local business.
When businesses have more support and income, they can better donate to the communities’ non-profits, which gives back to the community. The good vibes just keep going round and round!
6) More Jobs within your Community
When we support local, we also show that we want to see that business continue to succeed and grow. Increased demand, allows for staff growth resulting in more jobs provided to the community. During these times, employment and job security are precious, so now, more than ever we need to support our community.
7) Buying Local leads to Health Benefits
Knowing where your food is sourced and how it’s produced leads to making more informed decisions, which can help make choices to improve health and lifestyle.
How Babalicious Supports Local?
As we grow, we continue to partner, source, and shop locally for our own business. We want to create strong connections within our community and continue to give back to our customers.
We provide delicious pre-frozen meals curated with fresh ingredients that are made from scratch. We find minimal wastage as they can keep for prolonged periods so that customers can eat whenever.
We utilize fresh ingredients to make delicious and plentiful meals that will leave you feeling full. As it is vacuum-packed the flavors are preserved and have an increased shelf life.
Local Partners
We strive to keep it local by sourcing our meat from Two Rivers Specialty Meats based in North Vancouver. They offer a sustainable approach to meat processes and serving high-quality cuts that have enhanced the flavors in our meals.
We source from Rootdown Organic Farm, located in the Pemberton Valley. They grow several different vegetables and value sustainable growing practices to support the local community. Be sure to try our root down farms roasted butternut soup; it’s delicious!
Keep Shopping Local
There you have it, an overview of why it’s essential to continue to source local, even post-pandemic. It’s a sustainable approach to keeping our local economy growing and thriving!

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