With a Little Help From Babalicious...

With a Little Help From Babalicious...

Babalicious Whistler provides ready made meals so that you can take a break from the everyday grind of cooking. During this pandemic, we have all spent more time staying closer to home and people are looking for tasty food options to enjoy in the comforts of their own space. Babalicious has those meal solutions for you, it’s food that’s cooked with care and high-quality products.

At Babalicious we source, cook, bag, and freeze your meals, allowing our customers to stock up their freezers for easy to grab meals when needed. Once you have placed your order we offer a home delivery service for both Whistler and the sea-to-sky community.
Please visit our website to place an order and were happy to get your meals delivered as soon as possible! Let’s have a deeper look into why vacuum packing the food is highly beneficial.

The Simplicity of Cooking Up a Bag

We all need a break sometimes from the everyday cooking routine, especially amidst busy schedules. We wanted to create a delicious experience and provide high-quality food delivered to your doorstep. The best part is that you can store it until ready to eat, it will still taste just as good!
Once our meals are cooked, they are then vacuum-packed into a bag. By vacuum-packed, we mean that we use a technique to remove all the air from the pack prior to sealing.
Once you are ready to serve, all you have to do is place the bag into boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes. Voila! Your meal will be ready to go along with a favourite side dish of yours.
Although cooking is great having these ready meal options helps to efficiently plan the week ahead. It saves time, energy, and money as you can reduce your number of shops. It also significantly helps to reduce waste as we have all had those moments where we have overbought and seen those veggies turn bad before we can use them.
The Benefits to Vacuum Sealed Food
Here are a the benefits of having vacuum-sealed ready-made meals:
  • The shelf life is extended meaning you can hold onto your meal for longer before you serve!

  • It helps to prevent cross-contamination, dehydration, mold, and freezer burn due to the little to no oxygen left in the bag. Oxygen interaction is what results in bacteria growth

  • You can effectively utilize your storage space. Vacuum packed food can easily be stored in your fridge/freezer, meaning you can also buy larger quantities since the shelf life is long. Buying in bulk can help reduce normal spending costs.

  • Maintains premium and high-quality taste! Flavours are locked in so will be extra tasty when you want to serve

  • Reduce shopping and sourcing your own ingredients which can take up time and effort. Babalicious takes care of that for you, and you can be rest assured we source fresh, high-quality ingredients. The flavours will be delicious or should we say it will be, “Babalicious!”

  • Ready made meals can be taken with you anywhere!


Flavours, Flavours, Flavours

With our experience, it is especially important for us to incorporate an excellent array of flavours that will keep you wanting more.
We continue to source fresh and local ingredients from in the sea-to-sky region and provide great tasting meals.
Take it with you…Anywhere!
Ready made meals take the stress off of meal planning as they are easy to pack and take anywhere with you.
They have so much versatility as you can store them up in your freezer at home or get ready for that upcoming ski tour adventure, camping, visiting family or friends, and much more!
Enjoy a hearty meal on all adventures, your friends are guaranteed to be jealous!

Stock Up
There you have it, the perks of the vacuum packed ready-made meals. Check out our options for placing your order as we have many meals that will warm the stomach during these winter months.
Be sure to follow us on our Instagram, to keep up to date with our latest news.
Happy eating!

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